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Creating A Company

To propose the formation of a new company click on the create company button in the right pane. Here you will be asked to provide a title for the company and a link to the bitshare wiki page that describes your company. You and other members in the economy can then provide a list of tasks suggested to develop the company inline with the vision provided in the wiki description. The more immidiate the value the company provides in terms of maximizing UnityX, the more likely it will be chosen for immidiate development in the economy. Once your company has been created, it will be listed on the bitshare exchange and shown as a listed company in the left pane.

Proposing A Task

The continued development of individual companies through completion of tasks helps improve the competitiveness of the product or service offered to customers. If you see a potential improvment / product feature / core infastructure / tool that would be useful in helping to improve the competiveness of the product or service produced by the company, you can propose an associated task. To do this, click on the company shown in the left pane and provide a description of the task by providing a wiki link. Other members in the economy can then vote on the task, in terms of its perceived value. The economy will then place a UnityX value on completion of the task given to the person who proposed the task, the employees of the company and the people who voted on the task. Companies are incentivised to complete tasks with a higher degree of consumer demand as they are compensated with a higher degree of ownership in the economy.

Addressing Sources Of Demand

Demand in the bitshare economy is best understood through a voting process and is used to drive decision making to best address sources of potential demand. Every individual in the economy can propose and vote for tasks to be completed. Every vote in the economy is weighted by the amount of UnityX an individual holds. If an indiviual votes on multiple different tasks then their vote for each task is weighted by the inverse of the total number of votes. The economy will allocate UnityX to voters acccording to the weight of their vote and the net demand for the task. This is designed to provide incentive for individuals to be active member in the economy required to best understand and prioritize potential sources of demand.

Offering Ownership Through Point Of Sale

Sales for a product or service are required to increase the exchange rate of UnityX and other base currencies offered by the economy. To incentivise the sale of a product or service offered by the economy, the economy will offer a UnityX value to be distributed back to the customer who interacts with the company in some way. This is commonly done through point of sale, where the company will distribute a certain portion of the UnityX value they hold in reserve back to the customer in a way chosen to best maximize gross sales. The economy will fund a company with UnityX based on the demand for the product or service sold. Demand can be determined either through sales or net sum of votes provided by participants in the economy. Companies can also be bailed out by the economy if the company is underperforming or just starting operation. To do this, the economy will substitute the UnityX value offered by the company with UnityX provided by the economy restricted generally to point of sale.

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