How It Works?

Use Cryptonic as a payment portal to distribute equity for a given point of sale. We act as a market maker on your behalf to buy and sell your equity.

Public Exchange

List your company on a public exchange by creating an account free of charge.

Payment Portal

Use Cryptonic as a payment portal to distribute equity to your customers using your private key.

Cryptographically Secured

Equity ownership is cryptographically secured, meaning only you have the ability to distribute equity in your company.

Make The Market

We act as a market maker on your behalf, meaning you don't have to worry about the details of buying and selling your equity.

Equity Growth

The value of the equity you distribute is correlated with the number of sales. More sales means a higher equity value and more customers.

Customer Growth

Customers are finanically incentivised to use your product or service over a competitor due to the capital gain of the equity.

Simple Steps to Get Started

Buy and Sell Cryptocurrency


Create an Account


Use our Payment API


Distribute Equity

How We Help People

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We are too small to list on a public exchane so we use Cryptonic instead. Bitshare distribution helps us build customer loyalty.


CEO - Cryptonic

Customers who own bitshare in our company are more likely to recommend us to a friend. Giving up a small percentage of our profits can help us grow long term.


CEO - Cryptonic

Bitshare helps our public image as we are seen to be less greedy by our customers and more willing to give back.


CEO - Cryptonic

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