What is bitshare company?

A bitshare company is a public entity that sells a product or service where company ownership is sold back to the consumer in the form of a tradable token called a bitshare. Anyone can form a bitshare company where the economy will allocate economic resources to the company based on demand for the product or service they produce. Each bitshare company forms the basis for a portfolio of bitshare companies where the value of the portfolio is distributed in the economy using a cryptocurrency called UnityX.

Individuals who use and contribute to a bitshare company form the basis of the bitshare economy. The bitshare economy is controlled by consumer demand where each individual in the economy can vote on how the resources / human capital should be distributed to best meet demand in so doing increasing the value of UnityX. The bitshare economy incentivies individuals to improve a product or service produced by the economy by assigning ownership in the economy on the basis of the proposition, voting or development of a task. The amount of ownership is assigned based on a demand allocation process, where individuals that propose a task with a high degree of demand will receive a higher degree of ownership.

The value of UnityX is derived through a market making process, where the bitshare economy will hold reserves of all base currencies. Reserves of base currencies are maintained through the continued sale of products and services offered by the economy, where every sale is taxed. Tax revenue derived from the sale of products and services produced by the economy, is used to establish an exchange rate between individual base currencies and derivative currency UnityX. Individuals that first use a product and service produced by the economy are assigned a higher degree of ownership in the economy as they absorb more risk for using a newly produced product or service.


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